Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Post

So this is my first post ever on our blog.  We're not going to share this with anyone until I am actually pregnant and we're ready to tell the world, but I thought it could be fun to start cataloging our journey so you all could see how it went before you even knew it had started. 

So right now, Chris and I find ourselves loving our life, but ready for our little family of three (Daisy counts!) to grow by one more (my clock is ticking rather loudly, at least in my head!).  So we are in the trying stage.  We hope this won't last too long, we can both be pretty impatient.  It's a strange feeling.  Each month, we wonder, will this be the month?  We know that stressing about it can make it not happen, but how can you NOT stress?  I'm so ready for this and the whole having to wait thing is killing me!  But we wait, as it is the only thing we can do...

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