Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Update

It was an exciting weekend!  We got a new car!  Chris now has his own vehicle :)  And now if he goes to see clients, he doesn't have to pull up in my kind of beat up 2005 Honda Civic.  He now has his own Honda Accord.  It's really pretty (I'm pretty sure that's not how he would describe it, though) and so much bigger than my car.  And I am only allowed to consume clear liquids in it, and no food.  And Daisy will not be allowed in it unless we get her a dog car seat to strap her down in.  OCD Chris was already cleaning dust off the dash.  A child is going to be a rude awakening :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thirteen Weeks

One more week down!  Only 27 more to go!  I'm still feeling pretty good today.  We're up to day three with no nausea.  I could get used to this.  Other than that, no real developments.  I think I look pretty much the same as last week (although the top half of my anatomy may have increased in size....again).  Belly picture to come.  We didn't have time to take it this morning, so it'll have to get done tonight.

On a side note...if you are reading our blog, don't be afraid to join or leave a comment.  At least then I know someone is actually seeing this :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dare I say it...getting better?

Folks, it's been two days without nausea!  Hip, hip, hooray!  I actually made us dinner last night.  I don't think I've made dinner in well over a month! (note: making dinner is a loose definition-- for me, it generally is heating up things that have already been cooked by others) 

However, the nausea seems to have been replaced by a stuffy nose.  But what's a stuffy nose?  Nothing! HA!  I also have some pretty bad jaw pain going on.  I don't really think that's pregnancy related, more clenching my jaw at night related.  I'm kind of irritated about that, too, because I've been faithfully wearing my night guard in order to prevent such an episode (let me tell you how awesome I look with that thing in).  The dentist and I may need to have a serious talk about this when I have my teeth cleaned in two weeks.  I didn't pay for that thing for it not to work.

In other news, we are getting our driveway sealed and our deck re-stained FOR FREE (they made us pay to have our deck stained last summer)!  I love our next door neighbor who tells the association what they need to do :)  Now all we need is some kind of public punishment for those who do not pick up their dogs' poop.  I vote for putting them in the stocks.  We have an empty lot next to us that would do nicely.  There should be a worse punishment for the stupid people that let their dog run around off  leash that subsequently bit Bonnie, our dog walker, so hard that she had to visit a surgeon to make sure she didn't need surgery.  We are eternally grateful to her for protecting our little Daisy!  She said Daisy would have been severly damaged if the dog had gotten to her.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We have hit our first big milestone!  12 weeks!  I am through the first trimester!  Now let's hope the symptoms of the first trimester realize it is time for them to go.  I have to admit, they have eased up a lot, but are still not completely gone. 

And with 12 weeks of pregnancy has come a little baby bump.  It really just came up in the past week (which is why there haven't been any tummy pics as of yet).  It isn't really visible through my clothes, however I have had to start unbuttoning my pants when I'm sitting at my desk at work.  Yesterday I forgot they were unbuttoned and I stood up and they almost fell down!  I guess it's time to get a belly band! :)

Here is a belly pic at 12 weeks:

This is halfway relaxed -- if I suck in, there's hardly anything there, if I really relax, the belly really sticks out

I have to again say how great Chris has been.  I've been a lot to handle, and he's done it with a smile.  He for sure gets husband of the year award!

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Little Scare and Doctor Visit #3

Tuesday, I had a little scare -- a small amount of bleeding, but since, up to this point, I have had none, I was very, very nervous and more than a little upset.  On Wednesday, I had an ultrasound to check on things (I think this was more for my peace of mind than anything), and our little peanut is doing just great!  It actually looks like a baby now and I got to see it kicking its little legs and moving its arms.  It was so relieving!  It is now about 33 mm long and had a heart rate of 160.  It has grown so much!  Just think, at 7 weeks, it was only 7 mm!

You can see its little face and its arms and legs!!  I can't wait until I can call it something other than "it."

On Friday, I went for my normal checkup and my doctor confirmed that everything looks good.  We listened to the heartbeat, at a solid 166 beats per minute.  She also went over my blood test results with me.  I found out my blood type is B+, so if any of you out there ever need some B+ blood, I'm your girl.  And apparently my hemoglobin levels are excellent and I have no irregular antibodies :)

This weekend was a big reveal weekend.  We told a lot of friends and family about our little bundle of joy.  It's starting to feel real now! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Job Update

Chris started his new job yesterday.  He has his own office, paper with his name on it and a pop machine that's free!  So far, he's loving the new place.  I'm so happy for him (even though I couldn't adequately express it, as I was so nauseous last night I barely made it home).  It will be exciting to see what new adventures this job will bring!  Congrats to the best husband in the world!

This makes it all worth it...

I just found this picture -- it's a baby at 9-10 weeks, which is where I am (10 weeks tomorrow).  It's a real, little, person in there.  All this nausea is worth this!