Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Date Night

Last night Chris and I had a little date night...our last before John gets here!  We went to dinner at Wildfire (Chris' favorite) after I got off work...Chris had the day off for President's Day -- nice, huh?  We had a nice time, ate some tasty food and even ordered dessert.  They have them in half sizes, so it's totally manageable.  We sat in the cozy booths there, but my belly just barely fit :)  I kept bumping into it.

Today is my last day of work!  My maternity leave starts tomorrow, whoo hoo!  Chris and I don't have much planned.  We figure we'll just kind of chill out and spend some time with the dog since she's going to be alone a lot for the next few days.  It's Ash Wednesday, so we'll go to church at some point.  And then we'll make sure we've got everything we need and around 5 pm, head for the hospital.  It's kind of surreal thinking about how in just two (or three if I'm unlucky) days John will be here.  I can't wait to hold him and see his little face!

Check for updates in the coming days!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Doctor Visit #12 - LAST ONE!!!!!

I had my doctor appointment today for my next check up.  My blood pressure was 102/68 and I actually lost a pound (not sure why...however, when I was weighed last week, I had a full bladder...I imagine that could have made a small difference).  I measured back up at 39 cm and his heart rate was at 147.

She did another internal exam today.  Hooray, I'm dilated to 2!  That's progress.  She also said he is definitely engaged, but not fully.  While checking everything out, she asked me how tall I was.  I thought that was a little strange, but after I told her 5'1" she said, "Ok, how do you feel about being induced at 39 weeks?  This baby is big and I don't want you going longer than that."  Well, who am I to say no?  I for sure don't want a 12 pound baby, and I'd like to avoid a c-section if at all possible.  She said I could definitely still have him on my own, but if he is not born by Wednesday, I have an induction scheduled!!  Ahh!  We have a date!  This was my last prenatal visit of this pregnancy!!  Holy crap!

When I told Chris, he said his stomach dropped a little :)  It's nice to have an end to focus on.  And, oh my goodness, at the latest, we'll be meeting our little boy in 6 days!!

The plan is that if I don't go ito labor on my own before then, I will be checked into the hospital on Wednesday night.  I will be given Cervidil that night to help me start to dilate, and then I'll just get to hang out and rest.  The next morning, they will start Pitocin, and at some point, my doctor will break my water.  And then we'll just have to wait and see when he comes!  I am a little apprehensive about the whole indcution thing.  It's not something I had ever really considered, but at the same time, my doctor has been practicing for over 30 years, so I think she knows what she's talking about :)  Plus, I just want to do whatever is safest for John and me.  And if she feels he's going to be too big to continue past 39 weeks, I'll take her word for it!

Look what we got last night!  Well, I got the inside chair pieces last weekend, but we needed to order the slipcover.  It got delivered yesterday and we put it all together!  I love these chairs and I was so excited to get one!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

38 Weeks (a day late)

Kelly called me last night to make sure everything was ok since I didn't put up my normal weekly post yesterday.  Alas, everything is fine.  As in, nothing has changed.  This week is pretty much the same as last week.  I feel like we're in a holding pattern and this waiting game is pretty....well, boring.  I may be a little bigger.  I'm still fairly uncomfortable and the dog still thinks she can fit on my lap :)  And Chris asks me every 5 minutes if my water has broke and then my mom calls and asks me if I'm having contractions :)  I think the whole watched pot effect is happening here.

Just to liven things up, some fun things from this weekend...

Saturday night, Chris and I went to my friend Lauren's house for dinner.  It was with my "work" girls -- I only actually still work with one of them, but we all met while working together and still see each other regularly, so therefore, in my little world, they are my work girls.  We had tacos and I got to see Lauren's new house for the first time (sorry it took me so long!!).  Since I'm a lame preggo lady, we left pretty early so I could go to bed.  But it was fun to see everyone!

Sunday I had brunch with my high school girls.  We were actually all able to make it (those of us in the area, anyway) which can be a rare thing with everyone being so busy.  It was a great time to catch up and Kate made us whoopie pies for Valentine's Day.  I had never had a whoopie pie before, but I must say, I think I love them :) 

It would have been a great idea for me to take pictures...but hey, I didn't.  I swear I will get better at it once John is born...but then you'll probably be like, if I have to see one more picture of your kid I'm going to smack you :)


Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Ultrasound

Today I had what should be my last ultrasound (I thought the last one I had was the last one, but apparently growing 5 cm in 2 weeks merits another).  He was an active little guy...she was having trouble getting a heart rate because he wouldn't sit still :)  But she finally got it at 127...slower than it's been, but still well within the normal range, and from what I've read, as you approach your due date, it's normal for the heart rate to slow down.  It said this is also due to a more mature circulatory system.  My fluid levels were good, too.  His estimated weight right now is 7 lbs 9 oz +/- 1 lb.  That's a pretty big range, but I guess since they are going off of measurments of bones, it's to be expected.  I'm sure I'll hear from my doctor at some point in the next day or so with her interpretation of it.

I got to see some good shots of his face...I have some pictures, but it's not nearly as visible as during the actual ultrasound...I think we've got a cutie on our hands, though :)  I also saw definite confirmation that he is, in fact, a boy :)

Sorry for the reflection in these pictures (you can see my phone), but they were shinier than the others and it was hard to get a good one...you get the idea, though :)
Proof he's a boy...although I'm not really sure what's what.  When it was on the screen, though, it was clear :)

This is a picture of his face -- his forehead is toward the top right of the picture...you can see his eyes...his right cheek is the bright part in the middle...you can see hsi nose and mouth, too :)
You can really see his little nose in this one :)
A little foot :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Doctor Visit #12

I had my next doctor visit today.  I was really hoping for her to say, hey, you're in labor, let's get you to the hospital.  But alas, I am not even dilated.  She said I am 50% effaced, though, and his head is well engaged.  This was further shown by the fact that I measured 36 cm today, 3 cm smaller than last week.  She said it's because his head is no longer in my abdomen.  So while it is not as much as I hoped for, we are making progress.  His heart rate was at 157 today and my blood pressure was 110/68.  So we are doing well, but it seems we may be waiting longer than I'd hoped.  I just really hope he makes an appearance before March!

She also told me that when I do go into labor, if it's not during regular business hours and she's not the doctor on call, tell the hospital to call her when I get there, as she would like to be the one to deliver him.  Isn't that nice :)

So, ultrasound is on Monday and my next appointment is next Friday.  Let's hope for more progress by then!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

37 Weeks

That's full term, friends!  That means all organs/systems should be as functioning as they will when he's born!  So be born baby!  I'm ready for you to come and meet us!  Plus, I really think he's out of room in there.  I don't know if I can grow any more -- still no stretch marks, but if this goes on much longer, I feel like my skin may reach its breaking point!

I'm feeling as best as I can expect.  My contractions seem to be more frequent, which I am taking as a sign that my body preparing for the big day.  I've noticed, too, that my lower back is achier than before, and it's more of a pressure, which probably means he's farther down in my pelvis.  He continues to move a lot, which at this stage is pretty uncomfortable, probably for both of us.  When he moves, he either pushes on something that hurts, or on my bladder, which is always a fun adventure (I'm really glad I have strong kegel muscles and have always been a good pee holder!).  I have my next appointment on Friday and they'll be able to tell me, in addition to any dilation or effacement, the station of his head, or how far he is engaged -- basically, how far down has he dropped into my pelvis.  They use the spines on the middle of your pelvis as zero, and then above that is - and below that is +.  I believe +4 means the baby is coming out :)  So let's hope for some big numbers, people :)

Monday I have another ultrasound to check his size.  I don't know what will happen if they tell me he is big...I guess that's a question I'll have to ask my doctor on Friday.  Whereas I would really like to have this baby, I don't really want to be induced.  I don't want Pitocin if I can help it.  Obviously if it's the safer route for the baby, I'll do whatever I need to, but if I have a choice, at least at first, I think I'll choose no.  Let's just hope things take care of themselves naturally...shoot, he's such a kicker, maybe he'll break my water for me!

Last night I went to the Batavia Fire Department with my brother and had the car seat installed in my car (and paid close attention so that I can show Chris how to install the other base in his car).  It looks so strange to have a car seat in my car!  But that just means we're one more step closer to our little man.  That was actually one of the last things we needed to do to prepare...check that off the list (because you know Chris has one).

While I was doing that last night, Chris was initiated into the Knights of Columbus!  He's a Knight now (but you can't call him Sir Chris yet...I asked :) ).  I think this will be a great opportunity for him to meet some new people and to feel a sense of community.

Another change...I have moved locations for work.  For about the past 4 years, I have worked at my company's location in Chicago in the Merchandise Mart.  With the arrival of John fast approaching, the idea of potentially spending 3 hours trying to get home on public transportation while in labor is not a happy one (no one wants a baby born on the Metra).  So I made the responsible decision to move to the location in Schaumburg.  I was sad to leave all my coworkers and my window seat :) but this was the best decision for our little family.  There are great people at the new location, too, it's just getting familiar with a new routine.  I get home about an hour earlier, now, which is really nice.  I can probably have dinner ready before Chris gets home!  But at least now I have my car if I have to leave right now! :)

I'll try and add a picture tonight -- My belly is gigundo!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today would have been my parents' 31st wedding anniversary.  Pretty amazing, huh.  I guess that's what happens when you get married at 22 :)  My mom had a dream a while back that John would be born today.  Would that be a great way to commemorate the day...make a day that is now a little sad so, so happy?  Unfortunately, I don't feel any different today than I have in a the past week or so, so unless I spontaneously go into labor (which could totally happen), I don't know if it's going to happen.  It's fun to think about, though :)

So, happy anniversary to my mom and dad.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Doctor Visit #11

Our next appointment was today.  Chris had an eye appointment this morning before my doctor's appointment, so he actually got to come with me.  So here are the stats.  My blood pressure was good at 122/78.  His heart rate was at 140, which seems to be his standard.  My strep b culture came back negative, so I won't need anitbiotics when I go into labor.  Now, wait for it...in two weeks, I gained 5 pounds and grew 5 cm.  That's right, I'm measuring at 39 cm -- or 39 weeks.  And remember, I'm 36 weeks.  Um, whoa.  My doctor said she wants to do another ultrasound.  I asked her why and she said just to check growth and, "to see how big this baby is." :)  Do I see an early arrival in my future?  We shall see.  My next appointment is Friday and I'll have my first internal exam, so they'll be able to see if I'm dilated or effaced at all.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh My, I'm HUGE (Belly, 36 weeks)

I think the sweater probably makes me look bigger (meaning the non-belly part of me -- the belly should be big, and as you can see, it is). I probably should have taken it off.  But then I would have been standing there in a t-shirt and leggings.  Oh well.

My mom says I look exhausted.  I told her I am exhausted.  After a 12 hour day, this is what I look like.  At least I put on makeup today.

36 weeks

We've made it to February!  The month he's due.  My doctor is back in the country, so he's allowed to be born.  While my brain knows that I shouldn't want him born until 40 weeks, or at least 37 when he's considered full term, every other part of my says come when you want, son.  The pediatrician said that I'm far enough along now that if I went into labor, they wouldn't even try and stop it.  I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't be opposed.  Chris says I need to wait until at least next week because he has client meetings this week :)  I told him I'll do my best.

So I finally have a kind of crazy pregnant lady story to share.  Two nights ago, we got home late since we had our meeting with the pediatrician, and she was running a half hour late, so we just got pizza hut for dinner (gourmet, I know!).  I got some breadsticks (say what you want about pizza hut, but I really, really love their breadsticks), but didn't finish them.  On the train ride home last night, I was, for once, really hungry.  I was thinking about my breadsticks the whole way and I couldn't wait to eat them.  Chris had taken an earlier train, so he was picking me up.  I get in the car and tell him how excited I am to eat my breadsticks.  He makes this face and bursts into giggles (I kid you not, he was giggling).  So then I knew he had eaten my breadsticks.  My tasty, buttery, parmesan cheesy breadsticks that I had been fantasizing about.  I may have had a mini temper tantrum on the way home.  It didn't help that he continued to tell me how good they tasted (lesson 1, don't bait a hungry, pregnant lady).  So then we get home.  I needed to eat a snack because I had to leave to go get my eyebrows waxed and didn't have time to prepare a full dinner, but I was starving.  So I decided I'd eat a little bowl of cereal before I left.  So I get a bowl and the box of Frosted Flakes from the pantry.  Chris starts his giggling again.  I'm like, oh no you didn't!?!?!  Did you drink all the milk???  Answer, yes, he finished the milk.  I may have said some swear words...and the continued giggling only made it worse.  I may have also stomped a little bit.  Luckily, I got some dinner in me soon after and was once again a happy camper.  Although I'm still a little upset about the breadsticks :)

It's so exciting/crazy/terrifying/unbelievable that he's going to be here so soon.  Our lives are about to change in ways I'm sure we can't even imagine.  But bring it on...we can't wait for our little family to grow.