Wednesday, February 1, 2012

36 weeks

We've made it to February!  The month he's due.  My doctor is back in the country, so he's allowed to be born.  While my brain knows that I shouldn't want him born until 40 weeks, or at least 37 when he's considered full term, every other part of my says come when you want, son.  The pediatrician said that I'm far enough along now that if I went into labor, they wouldn't even try and stop it.  I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't be opposed.  Chris says I need to wait until at least next week because he has client meetings this week :)  I told him I'll do my best.

So I finally have a kind of crazy pregnant lady story to share.  Two nights ago, we got home late since we had our meeting with the pediatrician, and she was running a half hour late, so we just got pizza hut for dinner (gourmet, I know!).  I got some breadsticks (say what you want about pizza hut, but I really, really love their breadsticks), but didn't finish them.  On the train ride home last night, I was, for once, really hungry.  I was thinking about my breadsticks the whole way and I couldn't wait to eat them.  Chris had taken an earlier train, so he was picking me up.  I get in the car and tell him how excited I am to eat my breadsticks.  He makes this face and bursts into giggles (I kid you not, he was giggling).  So then I knew he had eaten my breadsticks.  My tasty, buttery, parmesan cheesy breadsticks that I had been fantasizing about.  I may have had a mini temper tantrum on the way home.  It didn't help that he continued to tell me how good they tasted (lesson 1, don't bait a hungry, pregnant lady).  So then we get home.  I needed to eat a snack because I had to leave to go get my eyebrows waxed and didn't have time to prepare a full dinner, but I was starving.  So I decided I'd eat a little bowl of cereal before I left.  So I get a bowl and the box of Frosted Flakes from the pantry.  Chris starts his giggling again.  I'm like, oh no you didn't!?!?!  Did you drink all the milk???  Answer, yes, he finished the milk.  I may have said some swear words...and the continued giggling only made it worse.  I may have also stomped a little bit.  Luckily, I got some dinner in me soon after and was once again a happy camper.  Although I'm still a little upset about the breadsticks :)

It's so exciting/crazy/terrifying/unbelievable that he's going to be here so soon.  Our lives are about to change in ways I'm sure we can't even imagine.  But bring it on...we can't wait for our little family to grow.

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