Wednesday, February 8, 2012

37 Weeks

That's full term, friends!  That means all organs/systems should be as functioning as they will when he's born!  So be born baby!  I'm ready for you to come and meet us!  Plus, I really think he's out of room in there.  I don't know if I can grow any more -- still no stretch marks, but if this goes on much longer, I feel like my skin may reach its breaking point!

I'm feeling as best as I can expect.  My contractions seem to be more frequent, which I am taking as a sign that my body preparing for the big day.  I've noticed, too, that my lower back is achier than before, and it's more of a pressure, which probably means he's farther down in my pelvis.  He continues to move a lot, which at this stage is pretty uncomfortable, probably for both of us.  When he moves, he either pushes on something that hurts, or on my bladder, which is always a fun adventure (I'm really glad I have strong kegel muscles and have always been a good pee holder!).  I have my next appointment on Friday and they'll be able to tell me, in addition to any dilation or effacement, the station of his head, or how far he is engaged -- basically, how far down has he dropped into my pelvis.  They use the spines on the middle of your pelvis as zero, and then above that is - and below that is +.  I believe +4 means the baby is coming out :)  So let's hope for some big numbers, people :)

Monday I have another ultrasound to check his size.  I don't know what will happen if they tell me he is big...I guess that's a question I'll have to ask my doctor on Friday.  Whereas I would really like to have this baby, I don't really want to be induced.  I don't want Pitocin if I can help it.  Obviously if it's the safer route for the baby, I'll do whatever I need to, but if I have a choice, at least at first, I think I'll choose no.  Let's just hope things take care of themselves naturally...shoot, he's such a kicker, maybe he'll break my water for me!

Last night I went to the Batavia Fire Department with my brother and had the car seat installed in my car (and paid close attention so that I can show Chris how to install the other base in his car).  It looks so strange to have a car seat in my car!  But that just means we're one more step closer to our little man.  That was actually one of the last things we needed to do to prepare...check that off the list (because you know Chris has one).

While I was doing that last night, Chris was initiated into the Knights of Columbus!  He's a Knight now (but you can't call him Sir Chris yet...I asked :) ).  I think this will be a great opportunity for him to meet some new people and to feel a sense of community.

Another change...I have moved locations for work.  For about the past 4 years, I have worked at my company's location in Chicago in the Merchandise Mart.  With the arrival of John fast approaching, the idea of potentially spending 3 hours trying to get home on public transportation while in labor is not a happy one (no one wants a baby born on the Metra).  So I made the responsible decision to move to the location in Schaumburg.  I was sad to leave all my coworkers and my window seat :) but this was the best decision for our little family.  There are great people at the new location, too, it's just getting familiar with a new routine.  I get home about an hour earlier, now, which is really nice.  I can probably have dinner ready before Chris gets home!  But at least now I have my car if I have to leave right now! :)

I'll try and add a picture tonight -- My belly is gigundo!

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