Friday, February 3, 2012

Doctor Visit #11

Our next appointment was today.  Chris had an eye appointment this morning before my doctor's appointment, so he actually got to come with me.  So here are the stats.  My blood pressure was good at 122/78.  His heart rate was at 140, which seems to be his standard.  My strep b culture came back negative, so I won't need anitbiotics when I go into labor.  Now, wait for two weeks, I gained 5 pounds and grew 5 cm.  That's right, I'm measuring at 39 cm -- or 39 weeks.  And remember, I'm 36 weeks.  Um, whoa.  My doctor said she wants to do another ultrasound.  I asked her why and she said just to check growth and, "to see how big this baby is." :)  Do I see an early arrival in my future?  We shall see.  My next appointment is Friday and I'll have my first internal exam, so they'll be able to see if I'm dilated or effaced at all.

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