Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Ultrasound

Today I had what should be my last ultrasound (I thought the last one I had was the last one, but apparently growing 5 cm in 2 weeks merits another).  He was an active little guy...she was having trouble getting a heart rate because he wouldn't sit still :)  But she finally got it at 127...slower than it's been, but still well within the normal range, and from what I've read, as you approach your due date, it's normal for the heart rate to slow down.  It said this is also due to a more mature circulatory system.  My fluid levels were good, too.  His estimated weight right now is 7 lbs 9 oz +/- 1 lb.  That's a pretty big range, but I guess since they are going off of measurments of bones, it's to be expected.  I'm sure I'll hear from my doctor at some point in the next day or so with her interpretation of it.

I got to see some good shots of his face...I have some pictures, but it's not nearly as visible as during the actual ultrasound...I think we've got a cutie on our hands, though :)  I also saw definite confirmation that he is, in fact, a boy :)

Sorry for the reflection in these pictures (you can see my phone), but they were shinier than the others and it was hard to get a good get the idea, though :)
Proof he's a boy...although I'm not really sure what's what.  When it was on the screen, though, it was clear :)

This is a picture of his face -- his forehead is toward the top right of the can see his eyes...his right cheek is the bright part in the can see hsi nose and mouth, too :)
You can really see his little nose in this one :)
A little foot :)

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