Thursday, February 16, 2012

38 Weeks (a day late)

Kelly called me last night to make sure everything was ok since I didn't put up my normal weekly post yesterday.  Alas, everything is fine.  As in, nothing has changed.  This week is pretty much the same as last week.  I feel like we're in a holding pattern and this waiting game is pretty....well, boring.  I may be a little bigger.  I'm still fairly uncomfortable and the dog still thinks she can fit on my lap :)  And Chris asks me every 5 minutes if my water has broke and then my mom calls and asks me if I'm having contractions :)  I think the whole watched pot effect is happening here.

Just to liven things up, some fun things from this weekend...

Saturday night, Chris and I went to my friend Lauren's house for dinner.  It was with my "work" girls -- I only actually still work with one of them, but we all met while working together and still see each other regularly, so therefore, in my little world, they are my work girls.  We had tacos and I got to see Lauren's new house for the first time (sorry it took me so long!!).  Since I'm a lame preggo lady, we left pretty early so I could go to bed.  But it was fun to see everyone!

Sunday I had brunch with my high school girls.  We were actually all able to make it (those of us in the area, anyway) which can be a rare thing with everyone being so busy.  It was a great time to catch up and Kate made us whoopie pies for Valentine's Day.  I had never had a whoopie pie before, but I must say, I think I love them :) 

It would have been a great idea for me to take pictures...but hey, I didn't.  I swear I will get better at it once John is born...but then you'll probably be like, if I have to see one more picture of your kid I'm going to smack you :)


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