Monday, June 27, 2011

Two Lines!

Holy crap, the day has arrived.  At about 5 am on Saturday morning, Chris woke me up, insisting I go take a pregnancy test.  I was two days late (again) and he couldn't take the waiting.  So I got up, trudged to the bathroom, thinking it was going to be yet another negative since I have been feeling rather crampy.  I peed on my stick, set it down, and when I looked over, this is what I saw:

That's right, two lines, which means.....I'm pregnant!!  Chris said he was for sure not expecting our weekend to go this way, and I must say, I agree.  I will be calling the doctor today to make my first appointment.  We'll be keeping things quiet for the next couple months to make sure everything progresses as it should.  I'm feeling good (still crampy, though, which apparently is because my uterus is stretching...ALREADY??  the thing is the size of a poppy seed right now, what do I need to stretch for?)  I'm sure that will change very soon, though.  But to sum up, WHOO HOO!!

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