Thursday, July 14, 2011


We had our first ultrasound last night!  It was quite an adventure.  To start, at 3:30, I had to drink 32 oz. of water and finish it by 4.  Then I had to hold it until my appointment at 5!  In the car ride there, I was literally ready to cry.  I thought I was going to pee myself in the front seat of my car.  Luckily we made it to the office (I walked in hunched over with my pants unbuttoned -- I was quite a sight!) and they let me go, but just a little.  Apparently you need a full bladder for these types of things.  But the discomfort turned out to be worth it, because this is what we got to see:

It's our baby!!!  It's about 7 mm long and has a heart rate of 131 beats a minute.  It was so crazy to watch!  You could see its little heart just pumping away.  It's just amazing to think about how much it has grown in so short a time.  And to see the evidence that it really is there, since luckily, I haven't had many symptoms.  We're just so excited!!

And on another happy note, Chris' last day at JP Morgan is today.  He is beyond ecstatic.  He will be starting his new job at William Blair on August 1, so he has a nice two week paid vacation coming his way (at JPM, when you put in your two weeks notice, they usually just tell you to leave then, but they still pay you.  Just a testament to how much they liked Chris -- he put in his two weeks yesterday, but they asked him to stay the day, and then come in today to wrap things up.)  Hooray for good changes!

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