Thursday, July 7, 2011

Doctor Visit #2

If I keep this up, I wonder what number of doctor visits I will get up to.  I'm sure a lot.  Anyway, Chris and I made our way to the doctor again on Tuesday (sorry, I'm a little behind).  It was basically an info session with the OB nurse.  We got a big folder full of info about the hospital where I'll deliver as well as a lot of dos and don'ts for me.  No more sushi or eggs over easy :(

I also have to go for a blood test that will test me for pretty much everything.  They take something like 6 vials of blood....not excited about that.  But SOO excited for next Wednesday and the ultrasound.  We should be able to see the heart beating!  The baby is about the length of a lentil this week :)  It's growing so fast!

And P.S., my progesterone level was just fine :)

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