Saturday, July 23, 2011

The results are in...

All my blood tests came back normal, which means I do not have syphilis, hepatitis b, hiv, my thyroid is functioning as it should, my cbc is good (not sure if that's the proper terminology), and a bunch of other things I couldn't decipher on my insurance form.  Now, provided the peanut acts as it should, I don't go back to the doctor until August 12th for my next checkup.  I think I get to hear the heartbeat!   

Chris and I started cleaning out what will be the baby's room.  It has accumulated all unwanted stuff, or things we didn't know where to put, left over wedding stuff, and several things we didn't know we had over the past two years.  We actually made some good headway yesterday (I was off work), more than I thought we would.  Now we just need to get the closet in the guest bedroom organized so we can move some stuff from the baby's room in there, and then organize or get rid of the other stuff.  At least we have some time to get some things done :)

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