Saturday, September 24, 2011

17 weeks and 3 days

I'm a little behind, whoops!  So 17 weeks is half past.  I'm feeling pretty good.  I've had a lot of tummy aches owning to the large amount of gas that has taken up residence in my abdomen.  I'm trying to eat lots of fiber and drink lots of water, which is supposed to help, but I'm not convinced it is.  Good thing for Chris the gas does not (or at least has not yet) translated to stinky farts.  I wish it would though, it would probably help the tummy aches.  I've been gaining weight back, and I think I've gotten to the steady pace I'm supposed to be at.  Flutterings have been happening more often, so that's exciting (whoa, actually just had one right now...must be that bagel I just ate)!  Our ultrasound to check out the development of the peanut and to find out if it is a boy or a girl is only 3 weeks away!  We can't wait! 

Here's this week's belly picture.  I'm really starting to show (however, it must be noted that I was a little bloated when this picture was taken and the maternity jeans I have on seemed to push the bump up a little)

Please excuse my not so cuteness...this was first thing in the morning.  PS..that glow I'm supposed to have, well I think it's a load of crap!  I have no fact, I just look zitty.

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