Monday, September 26, 2011

A Life Saver

This weekend (well, actually, it was Friday, but I was off work, so it counts as the weekend) I went to visit my friend, Jessica, and her two boys (one of which is pictured in an older post, little Mr. Brody who was born a few weeks ago).  In addition to our lovely visit, she lent me a giant bin of maternity clothes.  I finally had a chance to go through them and holy crap, I'm set!  I think there are more clothes in there than in my entire normal wardrobe.  It must also be mentioned that Jessica has a great sense of style, so all the clothes are cute, too :)  Thanks Jess!  What a big help!!!


  1. yay! I am glad they were able to work for you! What can I say, I have a shopping problem :)

  2. It's not a problem...especially since you are such a good deal finder :) you use the same detergent your mom did? Your clothes smell the same as they did when we were kids (as in smell like the same detergent)