Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas, Doctor Visit #8 and 31 weeks

Whew, so much happening!  It was a long, but nice weekend for us.  I was off work on Friday, so I ran last minute Christmas errands and hung around the house.  Saturday was Christmas Eve.  Chris and I went to Indiana to see his mom's side of the family for Christmas.  We ate lasagna and had a white elephant (believe it or not, the gift everyone wanted was a fire safe -- I even wanted it, but by the time it was my turn, it had already been stolen too many times.  But I got the softest blanket in the world, so it was still happy).  Then they surprised me with a mini shower.  I got some great gifts and I am so grateful for everyone's generosity!  We all hung out and visited (and ate waaaaaaay too much) for a while longer.  After the festivities wrapped up, Chris and I headed back home to Illinois.  After spending over 7 hours in the car in one day, we were beat!

Here are some pictures stolen from Jessica :)

From what we've heard, this little rocker thing is a lifesaver!
Chris checking it out
Christmas morning, we woke up and headed to church.  We got there super early expecting it to be packed, but there were less people there than on a normal Sunday.  We heard that midnight mass had been packed so I guess that's where everyone was.  After that, we headed back home to open our Christmas gifts to each other (we didn't get up earlier enough before church to do it before we left).  Chris basically already had is gift from me -- I got him the cover for his iPad.  But I also got him a gift card for the app store and his ornament (a tradition in our house).  He got me the perfume I wanted as well as my ornament (a pretty snowflake with 2011 on it).  Daisy, of course, got some presents, too...some new tennis balls and a new little toy.
Is it sad that I have like 5 pictures of the dog opening presents?  At least next year it will be a person (but I'm sure there will be a few of Daisy as well)

I think there's something in there!
Merry Christmas!

We pretty much crashed after that.  The trip to Indiana was tiring, especially for me since sitting in the car is super uncomfortable these days.  Later that evening, we stopped by my mom's house to give/get presents and eat some dinner.  While dinner was cooking, we had a surprise power outage (rumor has it a poor bird met a sticky end in some sort of power device) that lasted about a half hour.  Good thing Ritch is prepared for the apocalypse (which if occurs, I am not invited since I make fun of his stockpile of Costco goods :)  but no worries, Chris and Johnny are more than welcome) and had these little battery power things that he plugged the oven and crock pot into so that dinner would not be ruined.  After we ate, we headed back home for some more rest and avoided watching the Bears get creamed by the Packers.

Being lazy :)

Monday we were both off work and we decided it was time to actually start getting some things done for Johnny.  We went to Home Depot at 9:30 am to pick out paint for his room.  We decided on a nice green that matches the green in his bedding.  Chris then got to work painting.  He got it all painted, it just needs a second coat.  It looks so nice!  Now we just need to have the furniture delivered and it will start to look like a real baby's room!

Getting started -- I wasn't allowed to help

Tuesday I was off work because I had my next doctor's appointment.  Johnny is looking good -- his heart rate was 147 and I am measuring at 33 cm (at one day shy of 31 weeks).  My blood pressure was good, still no swelling, and I didn't gain any weight this time.  My doctor reminded me that I can still gain 13 pounds.  I assured her it wasn't for lack of trying...I ate plenty, especially over Christmas.  Maybe it will have caught up with me by my next appointment.  I get to have another ultrasound, too!  This one is to check growth and make sure everything looks as it should.  Speaking of, I need to call and schedule that today!  She also informed me that she is going to be out of the country from the 9th to the 30th!  Yikes!  I have to see her before she goes, so in just 10 days, and at that point she'll decide if I need to see another doctor while she's gone or if I can wait until she gets back.  I also got some pediatrician recommendations, so Chris and I need to set up appointments to meet with them soon.

And today is 31 weeks!  I am still feeling pretty good, but I have been assured by my doctor that the next couple months are going to get painful.  Apparently, my pelvis, which is currently like one bone and always has been, will begin to separate and rub together, which is going to hurt since it has never done that before.  Sounds like a barrel of laughs :)  Oh well -- I think all that makes mothers wish for labor instead of dreading it.  But I really must say, I don't really have any complaints that are serious.  Just minor aches and pains here and there.  He's been hiccuping a lot's kind of a funny, rhythmic tapping feeling.  When it first happened, I wasn't sure if that was it or not, but a quick google search confirmed that it was.  Now I feel like he gets them all the time.  His movements are really big now, too.  Less kicking, more pushing out, making it look like there is an alien inside of me.  Chris can't believe how visible his movements are.  But to me, it all means just one thing...he's growing like he should :)  A moving baby is a happy baby, so they say.

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