Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Fun!

This past weekend, we had a lot of holiday fun!

Friday night, my mom's side of the family celebrated Christmas since many of us are not able to make the traditional Christmas Eve celebration this year.  Almost everyone was there (there are 5 kids in my mom's family with their spouses plus 15 grand kids (and one great grand kid on the way ;) ) so it can be challenge to get everyone in the same place at the same time.  We had a nice dinner, played an ornament exchange game and had a great time :)  As soon as my Aunt posts pictures that I can steal from her, I'll add them to this post since I only managed to take one :) 

Cocktail Weenie Wreath :)  We were proud.  Tiffany made an excellen bow out of dough.

Saturday during the day we ran some errands and cleaned out the garage (well, Chris cleaned out the garage) so that we had a place to put all the stuff we took out of John's room.  That evening, we put up our Christmas tree.  We had the fireplace on and the snow falling channel on the tv.  It was a nice little evening :)

Not the most flattering angle, but then again, what is when you're 7 months pregnant :)  I swear I took a picture of Chris haning up ornaments...I think that maybe when he took this picture he deleted it.  Tricky, tricky :)
Sunday, we went to church and then to breakfast for my Grandma's birthday.  After that, we came home, took a nap and watch the Bears lose.  Sunday night, we had our annual Chrismas cookie decorating at Janet's house.  The girls made nice cookies, the boys made inappropriate ones.  My mom and Janet put a puzzle together like they usually do.  Janet had snacks and chili for us.  It was a fun night with good friends and family.

Lots of cookies!

My very appropriate cookies (I won't show you the inappropriate ones)

Maggie and Christopher

Bethanne and Maggie hard at work

Chris enjoying his cookie

My mom working on the puzzle and Ritch relaxing
 I had Monday off from work.  I had lunch with Jessica, her mom, Patty, and her two boys.  It was great to see them all.  Everyone has such busy and different schedules, it's sometimes hard to see people, even if they live close by.  After that, I went home and just took it easy.  It was nice to relax a little bit after such a busy few days.

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