Saturday, December 3, 2011

Doctor Visit #7

Note: I meant to publish this yesterday, but like many things in my life these days, I here it is :)

I had my next visit today. All is progressing well. I gained 4 pounds (so adhering to the pound a week rule this past month) and grew 4 cm, putting me at 30 cm total. His heart was good and strong. I can't remember his heart rate, but I know it was in the 140s (I'm proud for remembering that much. I swear I lose more brain cells each day). My blood pressure was a smidge high, but I had just run in, so no one was concerned. I have no swelling, which is good news.

I go back for my next visit in 3 weeks, when I'm at 30 weeks. I think after that I'll start going every 2 weeks until we hit February, then it's every week 'til the little man makes his arrival.

Chris and I are making a big push to clean up John's room today.  We got some bins and are armed with trash bags.  Here is a shot of the room, mid clean will soon be empty, ready to paint and fill with baby things :)
Seriously not as bad as it literally could only open the door.  That pretty painting has been destined for the space above our fireplace for over a year.  We really need to hang it up.  There is also a very large bookcase packed with books just to the left of this shot...still trying to figure out what to do with it.

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