Wednesday, November 2, 2011

23 Weeks

We've made it to 23 weeks! John has been kicking up a storm, sometimes so strong that we can see my stomach move. I tried to get a video of it last night, but of course he wasn't cooperating then.

I'm still feeling pretty good. Sleeping is getting increasingly uncomfortable and I pretty much always have a stomach ache (gotta love gas), but if those are the worst of my complaints, I think I'm doing pretty well.

We've been trying to make decisions about baby stuff (Only 17 weeks left!!). We picked out bedding this weekend. It's got whales on it and is super cute :) We still need to get his room cleaned out though, it is currently a disaster.

Belly pic coming soon (I'm on the train right now. It would be quite a sight for me to try and take one now).

P.S. I had some more interesting dreams last night. In one, I was helping out this homeless guy. I got him some food and I was going to give him some money but I couldn't find my debit card to withdraw money. In another I was at the Quarry (the ghetto old one with the blue bottom and chain link fence. Batavia people will know what I'm talking about). My brother was there and he brought Daisy for some reason and then he lost her. I was so angry at him but he told me not to worry because there were some salt caves under the Quarry and she was probably hanging out down there. And then she came swimming up to us. And I think there may have been one about boogers. It was a busy night.

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