Monday, November 28, 2011

26 Weeks (and two days), Thanksgiving and Chris' birthday

Whoa, what a packed few days it has been. Wednesday I turned 26 weeks!  That's 2/3 done! We took a picture yesterday, so here I am at 26 wk 1 day.

What do you think? Any bigger than last week?

Yesterday was thanksgiving and Chris and I cooked our first full thanksgiving dinner. I think it turned out pretty well, too :) We made turkey, mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes (we love our carbs) and Swedish corn pudding (a Snider family tradition). My sister, Janet and Eric and Cheryl, Chris' mom, all joined us. My sister made green bean casserole and Janet made sweet potatoes and brownies. It was such a tasty meal :)

Pictures from the day below:
The table, kind of set...I was excited to use my pretty napkins for the first time, however I wasn't quite sure how to put them into the napkin holders :)

Chris carving the turkey

Bethanne decided to dress Daisy up
Eric and Chris passed out after dinner

Chris' birthday also happened to fall on thanksgiving this year, so we had one more thing to celebrate :) He opened his presents at about 6:30 in the morning like most newly turned 31 year olds :) We had to prep for our meal so it wasn't the most exciting of birthdays, but we did have Portillo's chocolate cake with cool candles that burned different colors :)

(I meant to publish this Friday but didn't do it 'til Sunday, my bad)

So, continuing for the rest of the weekend. Yesterday was pretty low key. We pretty much hung around all day. Today we went to church and then afterward we went to Babies R Us to register. I found a little ornament for expecting parents. Isn't it so cute:

Chris also found a little Cubs shirt for John that he just couldn't resist :)

Sorry this is sideways.  If anyone knows how to flip pictures in blogger, advice would be appreciated :)

After we got back, I ran to Old Navy with my mom and sister. I got John a little fleece one piece thing for cold weather (I'm afraid in February all the spring stuff will be out and I won't be able to find cold weather stuff for him). It has little teddy bear ears on the hood. It's too cute :)

Chris had an afternoon of sports and I just hung around. Overall, it was a great weekend, especially since mine was 5 days.

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