Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Pregnancy can bring on some very odd dreams.  It's even more odd for me since most of the time, I can't remember my dreams.  For your amusement, here are just a few that I've had since I became pregnant.

Just last night, I had a dream that I was in the hospital to have surgery.  I had a new doctor who was going to perform the surgery, who was studying under my OB/Gyn (although I was not pregnant in the dream, nor did the surgery have anything to do with girl parts).  I waited and waited, but no one came to do the surgery.  So finally I was like this is stupid, I'm leaving.  But when I tried to leave I found out the hospital was on lock down because they had been doing some kind of experimental treatment with radioactivity on athletes (??), and it had leaked, so we were all potentially radioactive.  They were performing tests on people to see if they could leave.  Basically, if you hadn't become totally stupid, you were fine to go.  I was totally fine and trying to leave, but then this army general looking guy was trying to make me stay, so then I had to escape.  I was running away through the parking lot when I woke up.

I've had a few marriage ones, too.  One, for some reason, our marriage certificate had expired and we needed to get married again.  The oddest part was that the wedding was at my OB/Gyn's house and she was performing the ceremony.  But then she said she couldn't do it because Chris had been divorced before.  They had even had a cake, but they wouldn't let us eat it because we couldn't get married.

I also had one where we were getting married again.  I was upset because I didn't like the wedding dress I was wearing and just wanted to wear the one I wore for our first wedding.

Way back in the beginning, I had one where my friend Jessica and I were competing at the state gymnastics meet.  My old gymnastics coach was there and she was yelling at me and told me I had to do bars (now, if any of you know anything about my gymnastic ability, you know that bars was always a joke of an event for me -- in high school, I was even told I could skip that rotation at practice and just do floor or vault again instead).  I didn't have my wrist bands for my grips, so I had to borrow Jessica's which were like 3 inches thick, so I could barely get my grips on.  Also, there was a huge mat under the low bar that left like a foot of space.  I asked the judge if I could move the mat because I couldn't mount if it was there, but she told me I couldn't.  My coach yelled at me again and told me my feet better not touch the mat (which was impossible, since there was only about a foot space between the mat and the low bar).  And then it started raining in the gym.

I know there are more random ones like these, I just can't remember them anymore.  I've heard a lot of people have dreams about giving birth and the like, but I'm not even pregnant in any of my dreams.  It has been fun for me, though, to actually remember them.  I think Chris just thinks I'm crazy :)

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