Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Good Sign?

So Daisy has always been a cuddle bug.  When we first got her, she used to sleep across my neck like a scarf (waaaaay to heavy to do that now), then for a long time, she slept curled up by my head.  I have always been a stomach sleeper, but due to the insistence of my dog (a cold nose incessantly nudging your face in the middle of the night is good encouragement), I had been sleeping on my back a lot so she could sleep in her lately preferred place in the crook of my arm.  She's always been a hot little dog, so she would sleep with me or Chris for a bit, then jump down and sleep under the bed for a while to cool off.

Since I've been pregnant, however, her sleeping habits have curiously changed.  She now will dig at the blankets until I lift them up for her to go under, and then she curls up right against my bump.  At first, I thought it was because I had a pillow between my legs and she wanted to lay on the pillow, but she does it if the pillow is there or not.  I wonder if she can feel it when he kicks at night.  In any case, she is already cuddling with her little brother (yes, we are those kind of dog people...I'm probably going to get her a shirt that says Big Sister.  Unfortunately, Daisy is not one of  those kinds of dogs.  We will put it on her, take a picture, and then have to take it off before she rubs up against every wall in the house trying to get it off.  It makes Chris proud).

I hope this bodes well for when John gets here.  Hopefully she will like him and not be too mad at us when the level of attention she gets drops (luckily she is too small to drop her ball in the crib for baby Johnny to throw to her).  And for those of you who fear I may be slightly crazy, no, I will not allow the dog to sleep with an infant.  I may love my dog, but I'm not dumb.  She will get supervised visits, though.  And once John is big enough, they will be best friends.  Especially once he learns to throw that ball.

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