Sunday, October 16, 2011

All of Chris' dreams have come true

That's right, it's a boy!! (For the record, my dreams would have come true either way -- I want one of each, so I would have been thrilled with a boy or a girl)  We are so excited!  We already have a name, too. Our little man will be named John William Collins -- John after my dad and William after Chris (if you didn't know, Chris goes by his middle name).  Chris is already planning camping trips :)

This is the best profile pic she could get -- you can see his little mouth open

Not gonna lie, this one is a little creepy -- the white blob in the middle is his face -- the dark circle in the white blog is one of his eyes and you can see half of the other one toward the top.  The c shaped thing is his little hand up by his face.

And here is the proof he is a boy :)  The white curved line just below the arrow is one leg -- if you look above that you can see the other leg and right in the middle where the arrow is are his little boy parts.
He was kicking up a storm, rolling over, covering his face and just being difficult for most of the ultrasound (signs of what is to come??).  However, she was just scanning around, looking for the next thing to measure, when bam, little one kicked his legs wide open and all three of us were like "WHOA!" and our tech was like, "Well, you saw that, too.  It's a boy!"  The picture doesn't do justice to what we saw at that moment.  It was so clear, you had to laugh.  You could clearly see his legs, feet, toes and....his, you know.  Then the rest of the ultrasound, apparently he was totally flashing us (that part we didn't see, we just took the ultrasound tech's word for it).  He heart was at a strong 150 beats per minute (we got to see all 4 chambers of the heart opening and cool).  I can't wait to see his little face in real life!

A technical note -- I know some of you have had issues posting comments...the issue should be fixed now, so commenting shouldn't be a problem.

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  1. So excited to meet my grandson!!! I have already been out shopping for Johnny! I will agree the picture of just his head is kind of different, but he looks adorable :)