Monday, October 10, 2011

One Year of Wedded Bliss

This Sunday was our one year anniversary!  Since I'm pregnant and supposed to be taking it kind of easy until my ultrasound on Friday, we couldn't really do anything crazy, but we had a great weekend all the same.  We started our celebration a little early -- Saturday night we went to the Blackhawks home opener.  Lucky for me, Steve had un-missable plans, so I got to go in his place.  Chris likes to be at the games early, but Saturday we were so early that we were literally the first people in our section.

A little lonely...

We had a great time and the Hawks won.  However, it looks like Chris and Steve may have inherited a new season ticket holding neighbor who is, quite possibly, the most annoying person ever.  And he screams like a girl.  Have fun with that one, boys :)

Since the game didn't end until about 10:15, I was struggling as it was waaaay past my normal bedtime these days of about 9:15.  I think I was asleep as soon as we got in the car.

Sunday, our actual anniversary, was a beautiful day -- the weather was about exact to that of our wedding day -- hotter and sunnier than we ever expected.  We decided no gifts (we're saving for a kid, here), but we always get each other cards, so we had our card exchanging.  Then it was off to church.  After that, we went to Kuiper's to get apples and, most importantly, apple cider donuts.  We also got some apple cider (one of my favorites!!) AND in their little cafe, they had apple cider slushies.  Can we say delicious?!  We didn't actually pick our own apples.  The line to do that was waaaaay too long, and we figured that was more walking than I'm supposed to be doing.  But we had a nice time all the same and both of us accomplished our goals -- for me, tasty treats and for Chris, we we didn't dawdle.

These apples are so good!  Nice and crispy.

 We came home, ate some lunch and then watched football/took a nap.  We wanted to go to the Roundhouse for dinner, the same place we had our reception.  It was recently sold to new owners and is now called Two Brothers Roundhouse.  We were pleased to see that the inside hasn't changed much (we were afraid renovations would take away its charm) and dinner was good, too.

Then it was back home to attend to the time honored tradition of eating year old cake from the freezer.  Our cake topper (well, half of it, since we ate the first half the day after the wedding -- I didn't get any chocolate at the wedding and I didn't want to miss out!) held up pretty well.  I took two bites for tradition's sake.  It didn't taste as bad as I had anticipated, but it was, after all, year old frozen cake.  Chris ate a bit more than I did, but we still ended up throwing most of it away (and it completely fell apart as it completely thawed)

Fresh out of the freezer...still pretty!

Ready to eat

It was a great weekend together and we look forward to many, many more!  Four days 'til the ultrasound!

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