Friday, October 21, 2011

End of an Era

For those of you who converse with me on my cell phone, you are quite aware that I am capable of about a 3-6 minute phone conversation before my phone dies.  And then, if I have access to a charger and an outlet, it takes about 6 more minutes for the dang thing to turn back on.  And when it does turn back on, it usually has a full battery, only to die again after another 3-6 minute conversation.  Oh, and don't even try pulling up a website or having an extended text message conversation.

This is because I have had the same phone for 3 1/2 years.  Chris got it for me for my birthday in 2008.  Props to RIM for making my little Blackberry Pearl so resilient (seriously, I have put this phone through hell) because seriously, how many of you out there have had a phone last for that long.  And really, I think the problem is not the phone, but the 3 1/2 year old battery.

Anyway, this brings me to my point.  Hallelujah, I have finally gotten a new phone...or at least ordered it.  Yes, friends, I am finally going to be the owner of an iPhone!  An iPhone4S, to be exact.  So very soon, I will be able to communicate and browse the web (maybe even at the same time!) without fear that my phone will poop out at any second.  No longer will I have to preface all phone conversations with, "if I suddenly am gone, don't worry, my phone just died" or "I'm going to call you back from my house phone in two seconds before my phone dies"

So Pearl, as of the 28th, or somewhere thereabout, you will be retired.  It has been lovely.

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