Monday, October 17, 2011

A Beautiful Bride

That's what Kelly was this weekend!  In addition to the excitement of finding out we're having a little man, one of my best friends, Kelly, got married! 

It was an excellent weekend for such an event.  We had the rehearsal on Friday and the rehearsal dinner at this cute Italian restaurant.  The meal was served family style, which was excellent.  I got to have a little of everything, and as much of it as I wanted.  Sadly, the as much of it as I wanted didn't match up with how much my stomach can hold :)  We had penne with meat sauce, fettuccine alfredo, meatballs, chicken parmesan and salad. Yummmmm :)

After that, the bridesmaids went back to Kelly's hotel room.  We watched Bridesmaids, ate snacks and just enjoyed Kelly's last night as a single lady.  I brought the snacks -- word to the wise, if the pregnant lady gets snacks when she is hungry, watch out.  We ended up with chocolate and cheese: Milano cookies, little chocolate donuts, cheese pringles, tortilla chips and pretzels to dip in cheese dip....and grapes.

The next morning we all met back in Kelly's room to get our hair done.  Her immensely talented cousin did all 5 of our hairs, and everyone looked beautiful.  Mine felt 60s-ish to me and I was loving it :)

Saturday was sunny without a cloud in the sky.  Kelly was so stunning and her now husband, Patrick, was quite handsome (but Kelly wins :) ).  It was an outdoor ceremony with a pond and forest preserve in the background.  The reception was just inside in the Greenbelt Cultural Center.  We had a mexican buffet for dinner and dang was it good.  But I think my favorite part of dinner was the sweet table :)  Kim, the other pregnant bridesmaid, and I led the way to it :)

And some photos that I took from other people, since my camera was in attendance, but decided to die.  Awesome.

Before the ceremony

Oh, beautiful bride!

The Wedding Party

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