Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chris' First Kick

But let's first start with our late night visitor last night.  I went to bed early (as usual) and Chris stayed up to finish watching the Bears game.  When I go up to bed, Daisy usually comes with me, and then when Chris comes up, he gets her and takes her out before bed.  This all went down as usual.  But instead of them both coming back up to bed, Chris is suddenly yelling to me at the top of his lungs to get up, that I needed to come help him.  So I fly out of bed without my glasses on (for those of you who don't know, without my glasses or contacts, I can legitimately run into walls), thinking that somehow Daisy has escaped into the night and is lost forever.  So I'm completely disoriented from being woken up, I can't see, and am yelling to him trying to figure out what is the matter.  Finally I hear him say there's a big dog in our house and he needs help with the dog and Daisy.  What?!?  And barrelling up the stairs come a black lab to say hello.  In my unseeing, sleepy state, I'm 90% sure it is Dexter, our across the street neighbor's dog.  So I call him and he totally responds, but then decides to explore our house a bit.  He was just sniffing around in all his black lab excitement.  Daisy was terrified.  Every time I tried to put her down to try and corral Dexter, she would freak out.  Finally I just carried her upstairs with me, put on my glasses and then sat on the steps where Dexter came for some love.  I was trying to remain calm for both dogs' sake, but Daisy clawing her way up me was not helping in the least.

Chris is all, what do we do?  I was like, well, I bet Ben, Dexter's owner, is looking for him, so why don't you go out front and see if he is outside.  And he was.  Apparently Dexter was out for his before bed potty as well, but saw a rabbit and was gone.  Good thing he came to say hi to Daisy!

And on to the kick.  I've been feeling some good ones lately, ones that I was certain could be felt from the outside.  They were so sporadic, however, and usually only happened one at a time, it has been hard to get the timing right for Chris to feel it.  This morning when we woke up, we were laying there before actually getting up, I felt two good ones.  I grabbed Chris' hand and held it to my tummy, and not 5 seconds later, we got another good one!  Yay!  He finally got to feel the baby :)  It was a good little kick and he said it was stronger than he thought it would be.  I told him I think it may have been a foot, since that can probably deliver the strongest nudge right now.  I'll leave it up to your imagination as to what he decided it was :)

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