Wednesday, November 16, 2011

25 Weeks

So, I've popped.  I feel like I've suddenly gotten huge.  Since Chris took a long time to tie his tie this morning, he didn't get to take a picture, so I'll have to take one later.  But seriously, he's suddenly there. 

So how am I feeling now (besides huge)?  Well, I've noticed that if I sit hunched over or when I'm laying down, sometimes I need to take deep breaths.  They said that would happen.  He's taking over my lung space.  Movement has picked up.  I'm starting to feel sharper body parts as opposed to little's like an elbow or a knee jamming into my stomach and then wiggling around.  Luckily it has not yet become uncomfortable (except for when he decides to dance on my bladder or cervix -- NOT FUN).  At church on Sunday, you could see my stomaching bumping from the little party John was throwing inside.  Apparently, he likes to rock out to church music.

Heartburn is happening still, but it's not getting worse yet.  I've been trying to take the recommended precautions to help head it off, at least for a little while.  I'm trying to eat more often, not drink mass amounts of water on an empty stomach, chew non-mint gum (did you know mint can make heartburn worse...and your saliva can neutralize stomach acid, thus the chewing of gum to produce saliva), and keep my tums close by my side.  Ice cream and chocolate milk help, too :)

We've been making headway on the getting ready for baby front, as well.  I signed us up for a childbirth class yesterday.  Because of our work schedules, we aren't able to take the one that meets for an hour over a 6 week period.  Instead, we get to spend an entire Saturday learning about the joys of labor and delivery :)  We'll get a tour of the hospital, too.  I'm hoping we also get snacks.

We've also started registering (there's not much on there yet...hopefully we'll get the rest of it done, soon) and we picked out furniture for our little guy's room.  Too bad his room STILL isn't cleaned out.  Soon, I promise.  It's kind of crazy thinking about how his arrival really isn't that far away.  And can you believe Thanksgiving is next week??

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