Wednesday, January 4, 2012

32 Weeks

8 weeks left...we are really getting close.  I'm still continuing to always think I'm in labor, but I guess since nothing is getting worse and my doctor continuously tells me I'm fine, I suppose I should relax :)  But HA!  You try that.  I have decided that is the thing I like least about being pregnant.  The constant uncertainty and worry.  Everything feels wrong to me, and since I have never been pregnant before, I don't know what "wrong" feelings are actually right.  And I'm constantly worried about the baby -- at least now he is big enough to be ok if he were born...I was born at 32 weeks and I turned out just fine (cue all the family jokes that say the opposite).  I'm looking forward to knowing my body again after John is born.  Although I'm sure breastfeeding will usher in a whole new list of challenges and weird feelings.  I feel like my next pregnancy (don't worry, not even being planned or anything, just musing) should be less panicky because I'll at least know what feelings are what. 

As far as the little mister is concerned, he keeps getting bigger and kicks ALL DAY.  I think he is going to be a judo champ or something.  My next ultrasound is scheduled for January 14th, so we'll get to see him again :)  I also have my next doctor appointment this Friday.  Hopefully I've gained some weight (when do you ever utter those words??) so that I don't get yelled at.

32 week belly picture coming soon...

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