Friday, January 6, 2012

Doctor Visit #9

I had my next check-up this morning. Too bad I don't have the rest of the day off, which means right now I'm at the train station waiting for my train to take me to work.

Anyway, another good check-up. As far as stats go, I'm at 151 pounds (made up a little for what I didn't gain last time :) ), my blood pressure was 116/63 and I'm measuring right on track now at 32 1/2 cm. His heart rate was at 167, which is higher than it has been, but she assured me that it was still just where it should be. She also told me he is head down but not engaged, which is the position we want him in right now.

I let her know that I was doing better with drinking enough water and that I thought it was helping but that I was still getting Braxton hicks contractions, especially when I worried about them. She told me that I'm going to get them, but that you can think yourself into worse contractions so the more I stress about them, the more I will get and the stronger they can be. Awesome. At least I know that now. It will probably help my crazy brain a little :)

I go back again in two weeks and will see Dr. Patel, my doctor's colleague, since my doctor will be in India. I've never met her but have spoken with her on the phone before, and she seems very nice. There is also an off chance that she could end up delivering John, so it's probably good that I will at least get to see who she is.

I will take a picture tonight so you can see my ever expanding belly :) sorry for slacking this week.

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