Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello 2012 -- the year of our son's birth.  I was talking to my mom yesterday and she was like, wow, he's going to be here next month.  And I was like, oh my goodness, you're right.  Sounds so much closer that way!  It's exciting and a little bit scary that his day of arrival is almost here.

This weekend was pretty calm, but our New Years' tend to be that way.  Saturday Chris put the second coat on John's room, so it's all painted and ready to go now!  The furniture will be delivered this coming Saturday, so we'll be able to put his little room together :)  That night, we ordered pizza from Lou Malnati's (Chris' favorite) and just hung out.  We actually both made it to midnight (I'm pretty sure the past two years I've fallen asleep on the couch by like 10) but were in bed shortly thereafter.  Both Sunday and Monday were low key, as well.  Chris has had a cold for the past week so he took the time to get some rest and feel better.  We did a few things here in there, but nothing exciting enough to report.  Just to make this post more exciting, here are some pictures of Daisy and her rough life this weekend :)

Hope you all had a safe and happy new year! 

Such a lady

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