Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Date Night

Sunday night Chris and I had a little date night :)  We had some gift cards for Lettuce Entertain you restaurants, so we decided to go to Mon Ami Gabi for dinner.  It was soooo tasty (probably because they had my favorite food from France, duck confit.  If you've never had it, oh jeez, you need to eat it) and the chocolate pudding cake that I got for us to share for dessert but ate myself was heavenly.  Chris discovered he likes espresso, too.  It was a nice night out, probably one of the last few that is just the two of us.

Monday was a holiday, so we were all home and took care of a lot of business.  My mom and sister came over to help finish getting John's room ready.  Can I say, my mom is a one woman tornado.  In a few short hours, we got John's room cleaned up, set up and his clothes washed (or at least in line to be washed...I finished them up last night) and our guest room, which was holding a lot of stuff that used to be in Johnny's room, all cleaned up as well.  We can now leave all doors in our house open without fear that Daisy will find something to eat that she shouldn't be eating. 

While we were doing John's room, Chris put together both pack and plays and the umbrella stroller.  Earlier this weekend he also put our high chair together (it looks so cute in the kitchen...and it matches :)  I'll post a picture later)

For now, all that's left to be done in John's room is hang the pictures (I got frames at Michael's -- they were buy one, get one free!!).  We still need to get a bookshelf, too, but I don't consider that an urgent matter.  I still need to wash/sterilize his bottles and pacifiers, but that won't take me too long.  His little world is coming together :)

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