Friday, January 20, 2012

Doctor Visit #10

Today I had my next doctor's appointment. Everything still looks good. I weighed in at 152 and my blood pressure was at 126/60. His heart rate was 150 and I measured at 34 cm, so right on track. They also did my strep b test. Dr. Patel said it's fairly normal to have it, but if I do, I'll need to be treated with antibiotics when I go into labor so I don't pass it on to John. She asked me if I was contracting at all and I told her I was. She said that, along with the pressure I have been feeling are completely normal at this time. She said pretty much as long as I wasn't leaking any fluid, wasn't bleeding or in pain, the contractions were fine.

So, one more appointment down. My next one is in two weeks :)

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