Wednesday, January 11, 2012

33 Weeks

49 days!  Oh my goodness!  Things are continuing to progress.  The little man is getting bigger, and since he's running out of room, his antics are very visible.  My stomach is constantly jumping around.  But every movement I feel makes me happy...a moving baby is a healthy baby :)  And he is a wiggle worm to be sure.  I swear, he never sleeps.  I hope he starts sleeping when he's born, or I'm going to be one tired mama (well, I probably will be anyway, so I guess I should say even more tired)

We have our final ultrasound on Saturday, so we get another glimpse of Johnny before he is born.  While I know weight prediction in an ultrasound isn't very exact, I think they can tell how long he is with some certainty, so that will be fun.

This weekend is a three day weekend so I think Chris and I are going to try and get Johnny's room as organized as possible.  I'd like to have everything in place and waiting for him when he gets here :)  At least his laundry is little and I can fit a lot in the washer at once.  And speaking of washing, have you all smelled Dreft?  It smells wonderful, just like a baby should :)

We still need a chair for his room (I think).  If anyone has any suggestions/opinions on having a chair to feed in, let me know.  Those buggers aren't cheap, and I don't want to spend money on something we aren't going to end up really using.  We also need to get something for the windows.  I'm thinking longer drapes so that we can block out the sun during daytime nap times, but I also found a valance that matches, so I don't know what I'm going to do.  I found some prints from an Etsy shop called FieldandFlower that were made to match his bedding.  How cute are these?  I ordered them this week and they are on their way!

Navy Blue Whale-Set of three 8x10

So now it's time to sit and be patient.  He will be here within the next two months, but not knowing when is frustrating.  I can't wait until I get to see his little face!

I'll have a belly pic up tonight :)

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