Monday, January 30, 2012


This weekend we had a great visit from some friends.  Dustin and Brittany, some of Chris' friends from Huntington, were in the area from Ohio visiting Mike and Liz and meeting little Matthew for the first time.  They all came over on Saturday for lunch.  It was quite a brood we had, with Chris, Daisy and me, Dustin, Brittany, their kids Violet and Ezra, and Mike, Liz and Matthew. 

Chris and I made a crock pot full of chili for lunch and we had a great time visiting.  Brittany's birthday was on Friday, so Liz brought a little cake for dessert (p.s...that piece that was guys were probably not 5 steps out the door before I basically inhaled it :)  I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting).  The kids were great...we got to try out a few of Johnny's things :)  Matthew took a nap in his crib and Violet ate lunch in his high chair.

We were a little nervous about how Daisy would do.  That was a lot of people and a lot of kids...she has never been around anyone as young as Matthew and Ezra.  But we were soooo proud of her...she was so, so good!  She took treats so gently from Violet and she didn't seem scared or upset by babies crying.  We took that as a very good sign of things to come.  She even tried to cuddle with Liz and Matthew, but since she couldn't find the position she was most comfortable with, she moved on :)

We were so glad to get to spend some time with such great people and we can't wait to see everyone again.  It was the first time the three future best friends were "together" (Ezra, Matthew and in-utero John) and we look forward to several more such occasions.

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