Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Excitement

This was a big weekend for us.  There was so much going on! 

Saturday started out super busy.  I was out and about running errands (or maybe I should say waddling errands) while Chris touched up the beige paint (tan, light brown, whatever you'd like to call it...) around the brown around our fireplace (there was some overlap between the two colors), and painted the mantle white.  He did a great job and the paint is all even and smooth now.  We even were able to hang up the picture we got for our wedding shower...almost a year and a half ago.  Better late than never, I guess :)

Doesn't it look pretty!

And then, John's furniture was delivered!  It looks so great.  We had a small hiccup -- one of the drawers was cracked in one corner (we have the WORST luck with furniture -- our kitchen table split and had to be replaced, I think 3 of the chairs had to be sent back because they arrived scratched, and then arrived scratched again -- so really, we should have expected this).  We called the store, and they told us they would replace it without a problem.  The lady thought it would have to be a special order, and said she needed to speak with her manager and call us back.  When she called back, she said to get a whole new dresser would take another 8-12 weeks, but they had the same dresser that had come back with damage to the top, but all the drawers were perfect, so if we just wanted to swap a drawer out, we could.  What a perfect solution!  She said they would send someone out to our house with it sometime during the week, but I asked if we could just come get it that night ourselves.  That was fine, so we did, and now is furniture is all whole :)  I didn't take any pictures yet because his room isn't all put together yet (we still need to get a chair and a bookshelf), but as soon as we're done, I'll post them.  We put his crib skirt on and his little whale sheets...they are so darn cute :)  It all makes having a baby so much more real when you can see where he's going to be :)

Sunday was my shower!  My mom, my sister, my aunts Cathy and Lynn, my cousin Tiffany, Janet, Denise and Bridget put on a beautiful shower for me.  We had good food, good cake and a good time.  Chris and I were overwhelmed by everyones generosity.  Johnny is set for quite some time!  And oh my goodness, did we get some cute little clothes.  I have a lot of laundry to do!  Our house kind of looks like a baby bomb exploded in it right now because we need to figure out how we are going to organize everything, but it will all come together soon!  I will have some pictures from the shower soon, and when I get them, I'll add them to this post.

New outfit my mom got for me :)  Whoa, getting bigger!

Chris and my brother (well, mostly Chris) put together the stroller yesterday and I separated all the clothes out so I can start washing, but that's pretty much as far as we got.  Big adventures are ahead of us!

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