Sunday, January 15, 2012


Note: I wrote this post yesterday (Saturday) but didn't get it published until today...oops :)

We had our last ultrasound today. What a difference from 20 weeks. He's quite a bit more cramped in there, but we were able to see his face, arms, legs, little fingers and toes :) His heart rate was at 148 and his estimated weight is 5 lbs 5 oz. He was moving all around during the ultrasound and if the lady pushed on him, he would push back. Quite the feisty little guy we have :) At the end she was trying to get another shot of his face for us, but he kept turning his head and covering his face with his hands. I guess he had had enough. Here's a great face shot.
I think he has my nose :)
PS...In case this looks like nothing but a gray and black blob to you, let me try and explain so you can see him...The black circle towards the top/center is his eye.  Ok, so starting just above that is his profile, with his forehead (the brigher white arc) on the right side.  As you move toward the left down his profile, you see his little nose, and then his lips.  It looks like he may have been sucking on his lower lip, or had it in his mouth somehow because his chin is back a little bit.  Hopefully you can see it now :)

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